SKATE CLUB ICE STARS is non-profit association and is registered  by a decision of Sofia City Court 13.03.1997g.
Licensed by the State Agency for Youth and Sports in 1999.

The main objectives of the club are:
Promotion of sports Short Track Speed Skating and Inline skating in the country.
Developing children’s youth sports.
Creating competition between the players by increasing their number, which accelerates the development of sport.
Creating the necessary conditions for sports competition.
To ensure equal opportunities for sporting expression of all players at the club.
To promote lasting love for skating sports.
To educate athletes in the spirit of sportsmanship.
To encourage the development of long-term friendly relations between them.
To conduct educational and training process for programs to ensure full development of individual capabilities of each player on the team.
To achieve the objectives of the club we created a representative team of Short Track Speed Skating, which participate in all national competitions organized by the Bulgarian Skating Federation, and in many international tournaments.
Our athletes have won numerous medals in national competitions  in recent years and international competitions.